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New Pepsi Refresh Contest beginning April 4, 2011


Senior Member

There is a new Pepsi Refresh Contest beginning April 4, 2011. The prizes are smaller. The largest prize is $50,000. The contest will focus on only three areas--Arts and Music, Education, and Communities. The rules for the new contest seem more complicated.

It was disappointing to see that Health is not a category for the new contest. However, I was wondering if ME/CFS organizations could enter the Education category in the $50,000 or $25,000 prize category. The project would involve a number of ME/CFS non-profits voting together for scholarship money to be given to high school seniors or college students affected by ME/CFS. Each non-profit would receive a certain amount of the prize money to award to a scholarship recipient.

As I recall, NJ, VT, and maybe WI organizations already have awarded scholarships to ME/CFS students. This seems not only a great way to help ME/CFS students but also a way to raise awareness about the illness. Entering the Pepsi Contest would give ME/CFS some national visibility, particularly if we could make it to the top of the leader board. If we should win, the scholarship would appear on lists of available scholarships around the country. (The CFIDS Assn. also gave a scholarship to a student involved in a nursing program at one time, I believe.)

I know there has been difficulty in getting applications submitted to Pepsi's Contest quickly enough to be in the running. I heard on ABC's Good Morning America that there is software--Robotform and Autofill, I think--which help with speedy contest entries. I need to view that segment again.

Any how, I just wanted to mention the new Pepsi Contest and suggest the scholarship idea, hoping it might fit within the Education category. I know that voting daily for a month or so is a pain, but it might be worth a try.