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New kitchen tool makes my life easier

Clearlake, CA
I hope this is appropriate, but I recently bought a new BulletExpress, and it has changed my life. This isn't the original bullet machines that made lovely drinks in bottles you can carry with you. I never bought one of those becaue I have a Vita-Mix which is so much better.

I am sure most of you have the same problem with cooking I have- no energy. Add to that an organic garden and a proud husband to bring the veggies into the house, and I was exhausted. I agreed I needed to be eating the organic veggies, but the energy to cook them was wearing me out. All I could do was spend an hour chopping them and putting everything into the crockpot in a lovely stew.

Well, it has been almost two years, and even though I season the soup well, we are sick of it. Don't get me wrong, it tastes delish. We are just tired of soup.

About two months ago I saw an infomercial about the BulletExpress. The main thing I saw was it sliced my veggies-or shredded them- right into my bowl(or soup pot). Since it takes me almost an hour to chop a crockpot of veggies, this seemd like a godsend. The machine also makes juice and does other stuff.

So I saved my money, and finally, last week we got it. (with payments for the next 5 months- It's not that expensive-about $140 plus shipping)

I still have about an hour's worth of energy to cook, but now I spend it actually cooking. Right now we are eating things like fried squash patties, impossible vegetable pies, and casseroles. Cutting the vegetables takes only a few moments, and I cut for a whole day before I rinse the machine off. It slices food very thin, so my husband can eat it without his teeth. It also is perfect for drying, so I am doing that almost daily also.

I don't have a food proccessor, and it may do the same things. But for thise without a food processor, I recomend the BulletExpress. It makes things very easy




Senior Member

Thanks, I love vegies but do not eat enough because of the time it takes to slice them. I have wondered about some of these products and will have to check this one out. I might have to put it on my christmas list.:)
Clearlake, CA
I take it apart and rinse it right after using. It is fairly easy when done that way. I imagine it would be hard if left until the food dried on it.:(

That was the one thing I was concerned about. I have a Vita-Mix, and it is so easy to clean- Just fill with water and blend most of the time. Once every week or so I use soapy water.

The bullet express has more parts, but it rinses clean easily.:D

The biggest problem I've found is that the shredded veggies seem to go all over the counter if the bowl isn't big enough. So I got a plastic container that is tall- I think it held sour cream at a resturant. It holds a gallon, and the mouth of the container is the right size. Everything lands inside it, so cleanup suddenly became a breeze. (Explains why they hold their dishes right up to the outlet on the commercial. Who has that kind of energy?):eek:

I shredded a cabaage the other day, and it is lovely- so fine my hubby can eat it without his teeth. Fried some of it up today (before I fell asleep at the stove. Nothing was on and the dog woke me up so I could go into the living room to get out of my wheelchair. My energy just gave out when I finished cooking.:eek:) Put the shredded cabbage in a Debbi Meyer bag, and it is as fresh as the day I shredded it. Those DM bags are also worth their weight. I'd like to try those green plastic storage boxes they are selling now. Don't know how people with chemical sensitivities would react to those, but they would be wonderful for cooking ahead, so we'd have food on the days I have no energy to cook.:)