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new article on empowher today "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And XMRV: A Matter Of Blood"


Fine, thank you
Great article, Jody - I had thought the situation was too complex now to summarise concisely but you've both done that and made it humanly interesting. Great writing!


Senior Member
Thanks guys.

I wrote three different versions of this before it was all said and done. I can only use 400 words which makes it challenging.

The first version read too raw, and I figured people would discount it. The second one was my thoughts but not enough information. The third was all information (who did what when) but that was all. I was going to submit that one though because I also felt like it's all too complex for me to be able to make it clear in 400 words -- especially since the whole point is -- it's not clear. Nothing is clear.

My husband encouraged me to blend version 2 and version 3 and ... there it is. :Retro smile: