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Need to Understand Lithium Dumping


Senior Member
@Methyl90, your experience parallels EXACTLY to Freddd. I believe that you and Freddd have VERY bad SNPs on the TCN gene that means lithium is critical for you to utilize b12.

I also have a few SNPs on this gene so the lithium has been important for me as well. I've noticed a HUGE drop in b12 need. In roughly two months of lithium supplementation my b12 needs, both adeno and methyl, has dropped in half!

I have also seen a significant drop in my folate copper and potassium needs but I still need to supplement significant doses. Folate = 25 - 35 mg per day down from 45 mg per day. Copper is down to 8-12 mg per day from 16-20 mg per day, potassium is down to roughly 1500-2000 mg per day from 4-5 grams daily.

As far as the need for switching the folate I have the same thing but it is now less frequent.

So all around lithium has been excellent for me but it seems like for you and Freddd and maybe others it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!

I haven't tried adding more lithium yet but I think I'm going to start trying to add back in my trace elements supplement which will add another 1-2 mg of elemental lithium.

Hi, I forgot to specify it. This is Fred. Excuse me.