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Need help

Hi everyone

Can someone help me with my results ?
It looks pretty bad, I have 5 homozygous and 11 heterozygous.

COMT V158M +/-
COMT H62H +/-

VDR Taq +/+ TT
VDR Fok +/- Ff

MAO A +/+

MTHFR 3 +/-
MTHFR A1298 +/-

MTR A2576G +/-

MTRR H595Y +/-
MTRR K350 +/+

BHMT 1 +/-
BHMT 2 +/-
BHMT 4 +/-
BHMT 8 +/+

CBS C699T +/-
CBS A360A +/+

Where should I start ? Should I do some more testing ?

Thank you


Senior Member
It looks pretty bad, I have 5 homozygous and 11 heterozygous.

No it doesn't.

You need to understand that just because a variant has been identified doesn't mean there is any consequence.

Most SNPs have no effect, some have small effects, a few may have quite significant effects.

Most of the SNPs you list do nothing at all. A few have a small effect - nothing to worry about. Millions of people live with these variants without problems - they are very common in the population. Certainly they are not causing your health problems.

The first COMT does slow the enzyme but +/- has a small effect. This is neither good nor bad since the variant has been shown to confer some benefits. The unmodified version confers different benefits. Magnesium is the cofactor for the enzyme. Supplementation may be helpful in stimulating it.

The MTR SNP in combination with MTRR SNPs does slow the enzyme a little. Again modest supplementation with the cofactors B12 and methylfolate may be worth trying.

The BHMT 8 SNP also has a small effect. It's cofactor is zinc so ensure your intake is adequate.

Here, here and here are posts/threads that might be helpful.


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Pacific Northwest
@Ruzmarin I have many of the same SNPs and do have issues with some of the pathways they relate to. We are made up of not only these genes, but others as well, and we all have unique environmental factors, including exposure to toxins and infections, that can impact what actually happens.

I've found it more valuable over time to do a comprehensive nutrient test, like a Genova Diagnostics NutrEval, which gives my doctor and me a better idea of how much B12, magnesium, copper, and all the other nutrients I need that those pathways need. Knowing your genetics helps you look for tendencies, but the reality of what's actually happening is what you need to deal with.
@alicec @Learner1 Thank you for your answers.
I am sure I have some health issues, but don't know the root cause. I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at age 27 after 6 years of birth control pills use. Other womenalso use BCP and don't develop this condition. I am sure it has something to do with my methylation.
I was diagnosed with hydrogen SIBO before two weeks. Just ordered the MOAT test kit and I will see.

@alicec I started the essential Root Cause Protocol by Morley Robbins, I am taking Magnesium and I already feel much better in comparision how I felt from September to December 2017.