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Need good info on Vasoconstriction, NADH, B3

I'm still experiencing a lot of achiness as I try to ramp up slowly on MB12 and MFolate. I don't *think* it's a methyltrap or overmethylation symptom, and the addition of B1/Thiamin hasn't seemed to meet the need. I'm thinking, per @Critterina 's advice, I may be needing NADH or B3. I'm beginning to think my achniness and other things, like a hard feeling in my gut and tingly fingers and toes, is from vasoconstriction. I'm trying to learn more but am not finding a lot of real meaty info...and my brain is challenged, perhaps because of vasoconstriction as well, so any hand-holding or help with locating key links is appreciated.
Some of my questions are:
* Should one take B3 only when overmethylated, to absorb methyl groups, or is it advisable to actually take B3 in tandem with working on upping methylation? (...but it would simply require that you keep upping the methylators to keep pace?)
* Any thoughts on what causes vasoconstriction when starting a methylation protocol so that I may get my brain around how to navigate this?
* Any info on the usefulness and place of NADH?