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hey, I signed up at Nebula.org and it took me less than an half hour to sign up up and answer all the questionnaires. I chose the most open acess to my data and in all have 550 points and I can get another 100 points for transferring my 23andme or ancestry data to this site....

I guess I have to earn the rest by referrals or wait until they come up with some other methodology for me to earn more points. I just want to point out that it was pretty simple and easy.... If anyone finds something fishy about this site, please notify us! They appear very upfront with what they are doing.

I really like the idea that patients can choose control over their data and get paid if their data is enticing enuf to researchers/companies.

I suggest the moderators make this Nebula.org discussion into a seperate thread... @Sushi??
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I did the 40% genetic testing for $100 at nebula a few years back, they were on time with their 8 week promise of getting the sequencing done by then.

I did the 100% 30x testing for $300, same 8 week promise, whereby I paid the amount on Jan 07, 2021, and still don't have my test results at the time of this writing. I contacted customer support about it and they told me due to the covid shutdowns they didn't do it yet. That part isn't too bad, but they wrote that my sample qualified for the sequencing on March 19, 2021 and I should get my results by May. It is the middle of May and I haven't gotten any results yet and it is 8 weeks later. They say it is being sequenced now and they are expediting it.

I am expecting more excuses and nice talk. If they would make me a deal such as, if we don't get the sequencing done by this time, we'll give you your money back and what we sequence when we get it done, then I wouldn't be so let down. In the future, if I need genetic sequencing, I will be looking at dante labs for now and won't be using nebula any further. I'd recommend others stay away from nebula at this point.


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I will be looking at dante labs for now and won't be using nebula any further. I'd recommend others stay away from nebula at this point.
from what I read the same shit is hapenning at dante labs too, so it looks like you just never know what you get with these sequencing companies...