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My 23andme results came back, now what?

My 23andme results came back. I am working with a doctor in CT and will be sending him the results this week.

I don't have CFS, but have awful anxiety/depression/ocd that has plagued me my whole life. I spent the last 5-7 years seeing tons of clueless docs (especially in the mental health field). You can look at my previous threads including this one http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/deplin-so-confused.27393/

I first stumbled onto this site and other methylation sites after a psychiatrist rxd me Deplin. He didn't know about methylation he was just rxing a pill.

@caledonia and others here have been so incredibly helpful and selfless and I really appreciate it. My hope is that I can get through this and learn and help others learn to heal themselves without anti depressants which are unneeded in many cases and unhelpful/harmful in many other cases (including mine).

I am attaching two docs. One is a copy/paste of 23andme through genetic genie and the other is a pdf from Nutrahacker.

I don't know if anyone wants me to post anything else.

Does anyone have any thoughts on treatment?



  • 23andme.pdf
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  • NutraHacker_Detox_and_Methylation_Report_Customer_51092f66-5c5d-4d88-92bc-c0e95df0b031.pdf
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I have done 23 and Me as well and it is amazing. Genetic Genie is GREAT. Have you done Promethease yet? That will show you even more and it's only like $2.


I would highly recommend it.

The things you find here and in these sights will change the way you think about depression. I also had that and it was not till I discovered all the metals I am carrying and variations in my genetics which mean I metabolize things differently.........I even metabolize vaccines differently. No one knows if it's good or bad different, just different, which may account for why I reacted so badly to the MMR. I also do not respond well to antidepressants.

If you need help w/ Promethease, let me know. It shows your really rare SNPs and those are what make you different AND what may account for things like why you have trouble with XYZ and no one else does.