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#MillionsMissing UK Protest Demands - Survey


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This is really all we need, neatly summed up in two posts by @Keela Too

I dont see why we need surveys and why we would want to drag PACE data into this at all. That wont make us better. The story is about sick people with ME and no biomedical research.
I completely disagree. PACE is a big factor in no biomedical research or treatments. Huge impact in UK and globally.

i found the survey not very helpful being constrained by the options but responded in other answers section something like:

1. Release all PACE data for independent analysis & Retract the PACE trial
2. Stop the harmful GET treatments
3. Fund biomedical (not psychological) research NOW

Just wanted to thank @L.A. Cooper for all the hard work that has gone into Missing Millions.!! It is difficult given the widespread number of probs we are up against and as we are all ill. Keep up the good work.
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The PACE trial data is now released and I expect will be leaped on for reanalysis. I think widespread calls for retraction after that will be loud enough to sort that one. It might already be considered newsworthy given the paper published today showing a marked difference in results with original protocol

I still hope service funding , the severe generally etc as well as research funds and accurate education of medics feature