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#Millions Missing 27 Sept 2016 - post coverage, videos, pix, tweets here


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I don't think these have been posted of NYC.

This thread is probably near ending so here is a summary of October's Millions Missing.

Summary of all press releases for Millions Missing October 2016


This is the photo album with hundreds of photos. Please click through and look at each of them. They are amazing and so uplifting especially when you are feeling down with all the problems and injustice we sometimes face.


I am so impressed at #MEAction. Everyone at this organisation have been so impressive, professional, inspiring and have achieved so much in such a short space of time they have been in existence. Well done and just wanted thank everyone at MEAction for giving hope including Jennifer Brea @olliec @L.A. Cooper @JaimeS:thumbsup::heart::star:

I do not work for #MEAction but I try to donate whenever I can. Their campaign will be vital and as important at this stage as the scienific research for our success.

If you can please donate and support #MEaction


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