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Methylfolate and B Complex help

Hi everyone.

Looking for some help, I have low folate levels (4.2 so not under the range which is 3.9-26.8 but can see it's been dropping over the years from previous results). I've just started taking Thorne's 1mg (how do I know what dose to take?) methylfolate, and I wondered do I need to be on a B complex too? I'm B12 deficient so get monthly B12 injections, pretty sure this might be why my folate has dropped. (Tried more frequent B12 injections with no more real improvement).

Problem is all the B complex's I've seen seem to have folic acid in them which obviously I don't need if I'm on the methylfolate? Confused. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Also I read you also shouldn't take methylfolate long term? So I will try to get retested in a couple of months of being on it.

Thanks in advance.


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Seeking health has a b multi without any kind of folate called "B-Minus"

I didn't respond at all to b12 (injection or sublingual) before I took methylfolate, so you may want to reevaluate once you start on methylfolate. Other people have commented that they also need carnitine and potassium for methylfolate and methylcobalamin to have the right impact. Certainly if you get muscle cramps (legs and neck are where I get mine) then consider taking more potassium as the methylfolate + methylcobalamin may be depleting you of it. Don't add the potassium too quickly, as having either too much or too little potassium is dangerous for your heart in the short term.

Where did you read that you shouldn't take methylfolate long-term?

Good luck SilverRose


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Southern California
@SilverRose88 - Jarrow B Right is a good B complex without folic acid. In terms of how much methylfolate to take, all I know is trial and error, start low and go slow. I take Solgar Metafolin, 1600 mcg. (800 mcg 2 x a day). This works well for me, though many people need more and some need less. I think in general it's a good idea to take a B complex while supplementing with other Bs - they are synergistic.

It is important to be aware that your potassium may drop rather suddenly after starting methylfolate and/or B12, because cells will start dividing more rapidly and doing what they are supposed to, thus using more potassium and creating a deficiency. My energy increased noticeably about 2 days after starting methylfolate and after about 2 more days I developed extreme fatigue, which fortunately I knew was from low potassium after reading about it on this board. I titrated up to 1000 mg potassium over 2 days and that horrible fatigue went away. I've continued taking it ever since (7 years now) and still take the methylfolate. I need it, nothing wrong with taking it long term. I take the potassium in divided doses after meals and before bed.

I had been taking B12 for years and years with no apparent results, but after starting the methylfolate I eventually found that high dose B12 (10,000 mcg a day) made a difference. One injection a month, regardless of the dose, is not much B12 at all and you very well may need more. I do well with liquid methylcobalamin. I did injections myself (3 x a week) for a couple of years and found no benefit.