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Methylcobalamin injections and folate level


Senior Member
I have injected methylcobalamine for 1,5 years, weekly. It helps a lot with my cognitive functions. My CFS has normally improved during summertime. But between November and April I am bedridden. My vitamin D level is high.

My folate levels have been OK, until last September my new doctor decided that he wants to know what is the folate level in my red blood cells. Last Setember it was OK. Now that I have really bad fatigue, it is well below the reference level. Still my serum folate level is OK. So my cells can't absorb folate.

I red somewhere that when injecting methylcobalamine so ofter, it may have an effecect on folate levels. Have you noticed that your folate levels have dropped because of B12 injections? I am unable to use any oral forms of folate. Now I am trying active folate injections but they are pretty expencive.