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Methylation / thyroid medication / potassium/ iron

Hi all
I would appreciate some advice on 3 topics.

1. About the effect the methylation supps can have on thyroid meds. Somewhere, I thought I read that some people find they need less thyroid medication during treatment.

Has anyone reported the opposite? Has anyone found themselves going hypothyroid while on the methylation protocol?

I'm experiencing a lot of symptoms; some of which I know from experience can be caused by my being hypothyroid, such as constantly feeling very cold and losing more hair when I brush or wash my hair.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the thyroid angle while on methylation?

2: Potassium - what daily intake do we need on the methylation program? I have been taking 99mg x 3 times daily and I still feel pretty wretched. I only switched to the non-folic acid/folinic varieties of adb12 and methylfolate a week ago, and thats when things got really bad.

In the 5 weeks before that, I had gotten up to 5mg B12 (Jarrow) and half an Actifolate (400mg) daily. Increasing ActiFolate above that provoked extreme exhaustion so I couldn't get higher.

When I switched to Metafolin (400mg) and the Source naturals adb12 it knocked me flat so I presume that means its working better than the folic acid containing products.

For reference I am now using:
Jarrow B12 sublingual
Source Naturals adB12
Solgar Metafolin and avoiding all folic acid supps. I'm also taking
Vit D3
Gamma E Complex
Omega 3
l-carnitine fumerate
Vit C
phos serine
general no-iron mineral supplement.
Biocare B-plex (which contains no folic acid or b12)

Today I've added an additional 2 tabs of potassium mid morning and 2 tabs mid afternoon and it seems to be helping with the mood problems (I had been feeling very depressed and close to tears for no real reason and that has improved somewhat today). So, low potassium seems to be part of the picture - but how high is it safe to go with supplementation?

3. My final question relates to the avoidance of dietary iron. We have hemochromatosis in my family and I have at least one of the genetic mutations which causes it.

Therefore, I avoid all iron in supps, iron-fortified products and have cut my red meat intake to once/week. I know red meat is a source of B12 but apart from that, are there any issues with that approach and methylation?

Sorry for posing so many questions.


Places I'd rather be.
Just a note. I did a quick search and the total intake DRI for potassium is 4000mg/day. I have often wondered if the "lite salt" in the supermarket is a better and cheaper supplement than pills when used as a replacement to regular "table salt" (mostly or entirely sodium chloride) because it is often roughly half potassium salt. But if you don't eat table salt then perhaps additional potassium-only salts are the way to go. Also I wonder, if some patients are helped by increasing sodium intake, will increased potassium intake offset that?