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Methylation Protocol vs SAM-e

South East England

First time posting here, so a little background... I don't suffer from CFS personally, but a close friend does and has been battling it for at least 7 years. That said, I do suffer from gut issues, periods of low energy, depression and anxiety. My friend is much the same but the fatigue is more pronounced. I have consulted Dr Myhill (UK CFS expert) in the past and she was concerned I may be heading towards CFS.

I'm intrigued by the methylation theory as I have been diagnosed with high histamine and low diamine oxidase levels (one of the two enzymes that de-activate Histamine). Certainly both me and my friend have worse symptoms after eating foods high in Histamine. It is my understanding properly working methylation pathways is required to detox excess Histamine. Unfortunately, neither of us can afford to have the methylation pathway tests done...spent too much on all the other tests already!

Cutting to the chase. I have three questions:

1. I understand SAM-e is involved in methylation. Why not simply take supplementary SAM-e with a B complex. Is the protocol a more balanced and complete approach?

2. Many sites say people with high Histamine should avoid folic acid/folates as they will exacerbate the situation. Is the protocols folate component a necessary evil to get the methylation process working properly?

3. Has anyone found the full protocol effective against anxiety and/or depression? (It appears taking SAM-e is effective against depression, but can aggravate feelings of anxiety).

Many thanks.