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Methylation - I need HELP!


Senior Member
Hey everybody

My question is, do I have a methylation problem? My blood tests:

Homocystein: normal
Vitamin B12: high (cause of supplements)
S- Adenosyl methionin: normal
Methylmalonic in urine: normal
reduced Glutathion: to low

I take now Hydroxocobalamin injections 2 x/ week
Methylcomalamin sublingual 5000mcg 3x/ week
--> No effects!

I don't feel any diffrents with Methyltetrahydrofolat. 400mcg/day

Yesterday i took LECITHIN and today i slept the hole day, feeling so fatigue! Is that a DETOX reaction?

please Help? Do I have a bad methylation?

Thanks so much to all of you!