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Methylation Glossary thread?

Hi all

Having been on this forum for a few months, I think a specific thread detailing what words, terms and acronyms used on the Methylation forum would be very helpful. I am still struggling to understand or be sure about some of them! I detail the ones below for me but others could add ones they think should be explained. I appreciate this may be partly an issue of me being in the UK and not recognising brand names, but even though I'm sure many of the meanings are simply explained I think this would be very useful for new members of the forum in the future too. :)

1. Refeeding
2. Start-up
3. MeCbl
4. AdoCbl
5. Metafolin
6. Quatrefolic
7. SAM-e
8. CyCbl
9. HyCbl
10. TMG
11. Methyl Trap
12. MB12