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MEshare - Articles for M.E. Group Newsletters


Peter Kemp to CO-CURE today

[sb: This idea seems extremely useful to me. I know my local group fades away at times, as do projects here, as everyone involved is fading away at the same time.

I still don't know who's who in the world of ME, so am not sure of Peter's history or affiliations, but remembered that he wrote a brilliantly funny article on MUPs (Medically Unexplained Psychologising of ME) that ME_Agenda published & he also wrote a great article that tomk brought over from co-cure, "Importance of Objective Measures of Therapy".]

Dear All,

MEshare is a new Google Group that aims to provide articles that editors can use in M.E. support group newsletters.

We are aware that many group members do not have access to the internet and may be reliant on their local group newsletter for information about issues that affect them.

Local group volunteers, including newsletter editors are often M.E. patients themselves. They give generously of their precious time and energy to help keep local members informed. We hope that having a range of ready-made articles available will make preparing a group newsletter easier.

MEshare is at: http://groups.google.co.uk/group/meshare

Simply click on 'Article List' to view the articles available with a short description and click 'Download' to save them to your computer.

Anyone can send articles to mesharemail@gmail.com on any topic that might be of interest to people with M.E. We aim to have no more than 20 articles available at a time on the website, so priority will be given to the latest news and hot topics; but personal stories, tips on coping etc. are also very welcome.

MEshare is run by patients. We may not always be able to respond individually to feedback, but we welcome any comments you may have and hope you will use the site regularly for articles for your newsletter.

Best Wishes,

Peter Kemp