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Meschymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes

Does anyone have experience with Meschymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes? Or a good understanding of the biology in autoimmune and neurological diseases? I have a good grasp on ME/CFS for someone who isn’t a doctor but the papers on MSC-derived exosomes are over my head as the last bio I took was in high school.

I have the opportunity to try it free through my doctor but don’t know much about it and the science behind it is a bit over my head as I haven’t taken bio in a while. I don’t understand the risks well enough and don’t have complete faith in my doctor to explain the full weight of the risks but it seems like it could be a big treatment opportunity for me when no other treatments have restored any real quality of life for me. SCIG took me out of my degenerative/progressive state, but I’m still very severe: bedbound in a dark and silent room.

From the reading I’ve done on this subject these seem much safer and less risky than regular stem cells. They seem to interact with (or contain cytokines) but I’m not really sure how they work. There also seem to be immunomodulating qualities.

I have very severe ME, severe POTS, Hashimoto’s (under control), CVID (treated by SCIG), and neuropathy among other things. I’m already on Subcutaneous immunoglobulin but it can only help so much. I’m asking my friend who is in med school for immunology and infectious diseases his opinion but I know he doesn’t know much about ME/CFS. Thanks!

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