1. Hipsman

    Topical SADBE likely to treat ALL HHVs. Available in US & EU.

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  2. ChookityPop

    Cheaper immunosuppressant alternative to Rituximab?

    What other immunosuppressants are out there that could be interesting to try? I want to try immunoglobulin and some kind of immunosupressant after a while. Could it be that lots of people, for example "chronic lyme" people benefiting from heavy antibiotics is because at that high doses it acts...
  3. katarina

    Meschymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes

    Does anyone have experience with Meschymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes? Or a good understanding of the biology in autoimmune and neurological diseases? I have a good grasp on ME/CFS for someone who isn’t a doctor but the papers on MSC-derived exosomes are over my head as the last bio I took was...