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mental fixation, obsessive thoughts after TMG

Hi everyone,

Few months ago I finally did the blood analysis and found out I'm MTHFR compound heterozygous (the only gene analysis available in my country).
So now I know for sure I'm an undermethylator.

I was reading a lot of things on the internet (like a data mining) for the past 2-3 years trying to find some possible cause for my continue fatigue and psychological symptoms. I came across CFS and methylation cycle, I saw my self as an undermethylator, bought lots of methylB12 and methylB9. Took back then some methylB12 and methylB9 had these 'obsessive thoughts' type of things and abandoned the direction thinking 'maybe I'm not an undermethylator'.

But one year ago I had a thrombosis while being hospitalized for some other issue and through my ongoing data mining I discovered that MTHFR mutations (through other things) can be a risk for developing blood clots. So an impaired methylation become suddenly more possible cause for my conditions
So I went and spent like a 100$ for MTHFR SNP analysis, which come back possitive for C677T heterozygous and A1298C heterozygous.
So now I know for sure I'm an undermethylator :)

I bought right away TMG and some other supplements and started to experiment with TMG only first.

First days of TMG were amazing, like I was coming back to life: good sleep, little extra energy (I needed to control my impulse of doing lots of extra things during the day) but the most amazing for me was the improvement in 'psychological' area. I was taking 1 TMG pill of 1000mg per day.
I didn't noticed any of these 1 year prior when tried 1000mcgmB12 + 800mcgmB9 per day.

All was ok for 5-6 days, then suddenly one day I started to have what I would call obsessive thoughts with some kind of mental fixation on different ideas. It's hard for me to describe these symptoms as I'm not very knowledgeable in psychiatry
and different psychiatric conditions.

For example the idea which caught my mind the last time this happened (last week) was that this might be due to mercury toxicity from an amalgam filling (I have one). From the moment this idea appear in my head it was stuck obsesively in there due to TMG, till the effect subside 2 days later, I've read on Internet all that I could about it (chelators, analysis, treatments,...) quite convinced that this is a possible cause. My head was always thinking about it, even when I went out to walk, or during work, watching a movie.
At first sign of this I stopped TMG and TMG effects start to diminish, I returned to be more rational and the idea of mercury toxicity appeared now as possible but not 100% sure as during the onset of TMG.

This kind of situation with mental fixation, obsessive thoughts happened several times in the last months. I take a break from TMG for days or one week, my old me come back, I don't like it at all, start again TMG 1g/day, after a few days, 4-5 max, 'obsessive thoughts' appear again and need to stop.

In a bigger break from TMG (like 3 weeks) I took MSM (1000mg/day) for some joint pains, and, surprise, after a week I had the same symptoms as after TMG. I know there aren't studies to prove MSM function as a methyl donor in our body, but it has a methl group, right?

I'm trying to understand what this could be to know what I can try, change.
- can I switch so quickly to overmethylation with 1g TMG/ day?
- it's an adaptation thing? do I need to try some lower dose daily?
- do my body/mind miss some other supplement?

I'm also taking daily:
Mg 100mg
Tryptophan 1000mg
Mucuna Dopa 400mg (60mg L-Dopa)
Ginkgo Biloba
occasionally B-right from Jarrow and some multi vitamin

Any ideas from your experience/knowledge would be appreciated.


Senior Member
Not much knowledge or experience I'm afraid. However Dr Walsh's writings might be worth looking at. He's the guru of all this under-/over-methylation stuff:


Just search this long article for every mention of TMG. E.g. one snippet:

TMG generally provides some benefits to undermethylated persons, but tends to make oxidative stress protections worse by diminishing the amount of homocysteine which converts via the cystathione pathway of the SAM cycle.
TMG certainly is a promising nutrient for such persons, and adding some cysteine or glutathione can overcome the cystathione pathway deficit.

Personally, I believe the use of SAMe is the quickest way to help an undermethylated, high-histamine person.