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ME/CFS: Dedicated Care Unit in Toronto Hospital Needed, petition on Change.org


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Signed in GG - having lead with the Canadian (now International) Consensus let's hope dedicated and knowledgeable care is next.


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I have signed, and truly hope that others will take the moment to help us with this one as well.

We so desperately need a place like that. It could be a huge step in awareness and legitimizing the condition too. And definitely not just for Toronto.

And at worst, if nothing came of it, it would be wonderful to give that extra push to let the relevant people know how much that kind of care is needed.

I try to support as many of these from around different areas (helping any of us goes a long way towards helping us all, I believe), but this one in particular is my backyard. Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who signs this.


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thanks for sharing my petition here, ggingues, and to enid sparrow and justinreilly for signing it.

the initiative will be brought up at the next NDP caucus meeting on tuesday april 3, 2012 to see if they will support it. the ME/FM Action Network of Canada, and the MEAO of Ontario are taking it to their respective boards to also see if the will officially endorse it.

i'm also trying to get my specialist on board (who co-wrote the canadian consensus criteria).

signatures are waning, so everyone please take a minute to sign; if you have 2 minutes please add a comment! thanks for all your support! signatures and comments from around the world are accepted.


thank you all!



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Sth Australia
thanks for posting.. signed... wont that be the day when hospitals are properly able to look after us.

One of big hospitals in my state of Australia are apparently currently buidling a special unit for those who have MCS who cant currently go to hospital due to it, its supposed to be finished next year I think.

Its amazing that hospitals world wide dont at the very least have ones for MCS and allergy patients as it isnt just the ME peoples who have issues with chemicals.