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@YippeeKi YOW !! - thanks so much for the terrible pun - they say the worse the better, right? :D ;) (I do appreciate it! and also love puns)

And thanks to you and everyone for your kind words! :)

MODERATOR'S NOTE (my last one! : ) )

Just a note to y'all (I'll be taking a trip to Texas at the end of June to see family so have to start practicing!)

The moderators are all very hard working and are always on the lookout for new mods. You don't have to be here 7 days a week to do it either! So if you have some "spare" (right!) energy/time, please consider donating a little of it to PR. You can work at your own pace, and there are things that need doing short of full-blown moderating if that is too much, so if you're interested or just want more info, drop a PM to @Rebeccare and/or @Jyoti - they would love to hear from you! :nerd:

YippeeKi YOW !!

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Just a note to y'all (I'll be taking a trip to Texas at the end of June to see family so have to start practicing!)
Many fond memories of parts of Texas no one's ever heard of, and several others they probably have !!! It truly is a country unto itself, and one of the true originals !!!

If it's any consolation, you're leaving the threads in excellent, excellent hands, so no worries while you're kicking back and relaxing .... have a couple of Tecate's for me, eh? Maybe a little anejo ....

But all that aside, y'all comeback now, heah? :hug::hug::hug::hug: :heart: :woot::woot:

PS ... The terrible pun, and yes, the worse the better, was at the insistent nagging of Glaukopis (Athene's Favorite Little Owl) who thought it was, like, really, really clever. It also insists on its full title every time I mention it, which is why I'm saying 'it' a lot, cause the typing thing gets tiresome ....

Actually, I think it was because it had the word 'owl' in it .... one of the few Lil' G deigns to recognize in English. Native Greek-speaker ....

EDIT .... for missing word, which matches my MIA brain ....
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I'm not very active here at all but wanted to chime in with the congradulations Mary! You helped me greatly over a year ago with phoshorus. Was looking for more help just now with theanine for sleep and saw that you took that too. You have some of the same sensitivities to supplements as I do (gelatin for example). Thank you again!