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Announcement Mary is Graduating!

Phoenix Rising Team

Our tireless and wise moderator Mary is ‘stepping up’ from daily moderation tasks after three years of daily service to Phoenix Rising and all who come here for information, support and community. After today, Mary will be 'graduating' from active moderating duties to being a ‘moderator emeritus’ like Sushi is—someone who really knows the ropes and advises and guides the current moderation team as needed.


Because she has given so much to this site and to all of us by ensuring that it is a safe and orderly place, a space where we can come and share and learn and find comfort and companionship, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate her, her incredible generosity and her commitment to the work of moderating this huge forum. She has been creative, compassionate and so hardworking. Do you realize that she has been here seven days a week? Every day….to make sure the boards are running smoothly and the site is in good shape.


Please take a moment to raise a glass to Mary and thank her for all she has done for all of us! We are in her debt.


Enjoy your new Emeritus standing, Mary. We'll look forward to seeing you around, but only when you have time and feel up to it. Best wishes in your well-earned retirement!


Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
We just can't thank you enough, @Mary (and @Sushi ..)And all the rest who help keep this going!

And every black cat around Thanks You as well!

Its remarkable how you and other moderators keep us all together and sooth our agitated souls.

Words just don' t convey the value of this Gift you've shared- of your time, experience and profound caring for others, that enable our community to to have this shared space to share.



Moderator Resource
Texas Hill Country
Thanks everyone! Well, I wasn't expecting a party - I'll have to get dressed! :rolleyes: The champagne looks great by the way, my favorite! Though Ms. Kitty I'm afraid is NOT a fan of her party hat! (she's a cat, what else can I say?)

I've been really fortunate with everyone I've worked with here - moderating really is a team effort - and know the board is in good hands. And I'll still see y'all around! :nerd:


Senior Member
@Mary. I do hope we'll see plenty of you around here after you've had time to rest up a bit.

Your advice has been invaluable.....the way all of you Moderators work so hard is rather humbling. Thank-you.

Sorry that I've messed up so many times and have had to have my posts moved. Trying hard, trying hard. I noticed that you slipped a y'all in there....enjoy yourself, and welcome. So, Hail, Mary!! Thanks again. Yours, L.

YippeeKi YOW !!

Senior Member
Second star to the right ...
Do you realize that she has been here seven days a week?
Why yes. Yes I do. I used to ask @Mary pretty regularly when she slept ....

And it wasn't just 7 days a week. It was more like 24/7 days a week.

It got so that if more than 2 days went by without seeing Mary somewhere, I'd start worrying ....
I'll have to get dressed! :rolleyes:
Oh crepe. Now I'll have to get dressed, and then I'll have to comb my hair and put on some lippie, and there's no telling where it'll all end ....
I'm just so glad that PR is here for all of us! I think it literally is a lifesaver! :star:
I can speak from first hand knowledge. It absolutely is.

And a large part of that is because of what the mods do to keep the airwaves safe, free of spammers and con-artists and outright lunatics, and to make this site the sanctuary it is.

I may not always agree, but my respect for what those unsung heroes do, day in and day out, remains unabated.

And from Glaukopis (Athene's Favorite Little Owl), and the Gnomes, Pixies, Faeries, Trolls, Leprechauns and other Alternate Life Forms at Auntie Yip's Weird thread, to the stalwart and dedicated @Mary , and the newer mods she leaves in her stead (@Rebeccare , @Jyoti , @andyguitar ) :

:balloons: :hug::hug::hug::hug: :heart: :cocktail::cocktail: :wine::wine::wine: :cake::cake::cake: :balloons:
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