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Do you have lunulas on your fingernails?

  • I do not have lunulas.

    Votes: 14 14.4%
  • I have lunulas on my thumbs only.

    Votes: 65 67.0%
  • I do have lunulas on my fingers.

    Votes: 18 18.6%

  • Total voters
IMPORTANT: An absent lunula is perfectly natural on the little finger! Many people have 8 lunula, though some of them might be hidden under the cutticles - because the lunula are typically diminishing in size from the thumb to the little finger. Fewer than 8 lunula can signal various vulnerabilities such as: malnutrition, protein deficiency, vitamin A deficiency, anemia (deficiency of red blood cells), not enough oxygenation, poor circulation, numbness, or heart disease [source:

No lunula at all on all fingers (missing lunula) has been recognized as a feature of various chromosome abnormalities.