Low Libido - Female - ideas?


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Hi All, anyone have thoughts on what would contribute to low libido in a woman with CFS?

I actually always had a moderately high libido up until about 2018 or '19 at which point I essentially took a few year break in having sex that wasn't fulfilling.

I clearly have some trauma contributing and am addressing those with two professionals.

However, I'm wondering if there could be a biological contribution here?

I did go vegan a few years ago- however, my health seriously improved when I did this but I imagine there could be some hormones or something I'm not producing as well.

i also wonder if pyroluria is contributing. I have benefited from zinc a lot on and off and I know vegan diets aren't great for this.

Any suggestions? I'm curious about hormones like DHEA or pregnenolone.
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One possibility is poor adrenal health that can contribute to decrease in libido.

Many many moons ago I tried DHEA and it definitely improved my libido.


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DHEA helped my libido, for a day or 2, before having the opposite effect. It seems the body adapts.

Recently I've been on the bromocriptine and it has definitely noticably increased my libido. I am not sure how relevant that would be to women as the method it does it seems to be from decreasing prolactin which rises post ejaculation.