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Looking for an ME/CFS-friendly neurologist near Ontario, Canada

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some guidance on finding a neurologist knowledgeable in me/cfs in Ontario.

I've been speaking with my naturopath about an re-occurring issue I've been having with being able to walk when I greatly over-extend my step count and reach around 4,000 steps in a day. Usually, I develop a difficulty using my legs and when this happens it feels like my brain is unable to process and coordinate the movements and my legs feel like dead weights that I cannot will to work properly. Usually, I have to immediately lay on the ground for about 20 minutes and then with a lot of effort and help I can regain my feet or have to crawl to wherever I can go to lay down and rest. It seems to me that this might be a 'motor planning' issue with my brain.

My naturopath tended to agree the issue sounds neurological and wants me to ask my GP for a referral to a neurologist who will know what tests to run and how to interpret the results. She mentioned I should push to try to get a functional MRI done.

Does anyone have any information they could share about a neurologist that they've had success with?



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By the way, to get a more helpful response, you might change the title of your thread to "Looking for an ME/CFS-friendly neurologist near Ontario, Canada".

The title of a thread is key. If it's vague, no one will read it. If it's specific, it's more likely to be read by someone who can help.

Hope this helps.