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Looking for a Positive Man


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I've been wanting to say this every time I've seen the title of this thread, but didn't think it was appropriate. After all, I don't want to hijack a great thread for a really great idea. But, because I've shown an immense amount of restraint for nearly one whole week, I am going to say it now.

I, too, am looking for a positive man!

There, I said it.

Good for you! I'm glad you went ahead and said what's on your mind. It's my opinion that things like that don't happen until you are willing to be brutally and humbly honest at the same time about what you're really wanting. I wish you success in your search. I hope you find your 'positive male'


(Maybe we can share him.)

Good for you! I have long been of the opinion that wishes like these don't come true unless you go ahead and voice them. Nothing bad happened as the result of your statement of what you really wish for, as far as I know. Kudos for your bravery and I hope you get your wish!. Maybe you don't realize it but you may have just stumbled upon a really good idea for a dating website. The possibilities for a great catchy name are wonderful. It could be something like the popular websites you see on TV for matching folks trying to find each other, but it could be for people with herpes, HIV, XMRV and perhaps other applicable circumstances, such as people with children with lifelong conditions (who will be at home virtually forever) and things like that, and maybe include people with things like bad credit and such. It would be an amazing concept, matching people by things that are usually considered negative in terms of finding companionship instead of matching people by things usually considered more positive. You could turn things in a completely different direction in the singles world, and you could very well be on to something that could make you a very rich person, like the guy who made Match.com. Hmmm. Maybe some thought is called for about this.


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Clay, Alabama
Another request.

Since we don't have an XMRV positive man right now (thanks for the offer after you are tested), do we have a man who got sick after a transfusion? Must be diagnosed with CFS, by doctor.



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I am positive man but not in the age bracket you're looking for. You also, from what I can tell, are looking for someone who doesn't exactly look sick? (I don't exactly meet that criteria either.)

I would be happy to help, however, if you decided to go in a different direction. :Retro smile: Already sent in photos to the WHAT ABOUT ME? docu; wouldn't mind them being used again.