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Livewello COMT Report. Any of these SMP's revevant?

Hello everyone

I am negative for all 3 common COMT mutations tested on Genetic Genie. But the more obscure ones on Livewello, I seem to have quite a few of those double COMT mutations. I am just wondering if anyone has any information about how these may affect the cycle. Or whether these mutations are relevant at all?



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They can be significant in many ways. But it also depends on other genes and environmental factors. Best to read up on them, be aware of the issues and symptoms and deal with them as you identify issues. I have some of the very same snips you do, and though they're having an impact I have a lot of other problems that are far worse or that work in concert with the COMT SNPs.


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As I posted in another thread (Mitochondrial energy production), mito function is not determined only by mito DNA, but also by nuclear DNA. You can have genes all 'known to be good' by themselves in both types, but which don't work well together, causing mito problems. I don't know if there's any database for which sets of genes work well together. So, the relevance of individual genes--mutated or not--may be fairly small.