Let's Flood Yahoo Search Engine with XMRV TODAY!!!!!!


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With Dr. Alter and the NIH news, as well as the Vip announcement today. Let's flood Yahoo.com with searches for XMRV. With enough searches we may get XMRV on their trending list.

While you're there search for XMRV news. We might be able to get the Dr. Alter news listed as top news. They also have a category for most emailed news. So pass along the news story.
Sofa, UK
P.S. It appears already to be the #2 news in Google News Health section and #1 on the Spotlight section for me, but I'm not sure if thats just for me, since Google News is highly personalized.

Not even in the top 5 on Google News for me, despite I search for XMRV etc on there frequently. So yes, I'm afraid it's the personalisation that's putting it up there...although that is Google News UK...UK won't wake up to this until tomorrow, clearly.