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Lenora - Easter/Passover Celebrations Around the World

Rufous McKinney

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First off, it scares them; then they don't hear it at all.

Yes- my husband has told her no with a tone that: scares her. (a few weeks back, she is more used to it now).

After watching a baby development show on Netflix (quite good)...it seems that they look at us frequently with direct eye contact, relative to whether what she is doing is safe or not. This then frees up the baby brain to experiment and learn- while we look out for the hazards for them. If they have to focus on the hazards...it causes them to stress, take fewer risks and reduces learning


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Yes, I wish more had been known about childhood development when mine were younger. We had Dr. Spock (first edition) and that was it....great help, huh? At least I had all my brothers and sisters under my belt, plus my nursing experience....but still! Today there are too many books and too much advice. I do keep my mouth shut and go directly to my grandchild to ask questions, etc. It's surprising how open they are. I even read by granddaughter's school papers, she sends them to me after they've been graded.

I finally get one like me at this age of life!! I do love the way each child has an individual personality. So it's your hubby who scared the baby. I guess it's a voice she wasn't familiar with to begin with, and then the tone. Poor baby, poor Grandpa. They'll work it out if they haven't already. My hubby had very little interest in ours as infants, but after I pointed it out he was in on every word ever since. He has been and is a wonderful grandfather to them. It's our last chance to make a difference and it all goes so very fast. You'll have plenty of photos of this visit, but still won't believe that they were here for as long as they were, or that your granddaughter was that young. I wish I could have a "do-over." Love, Lenora.