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Phoenix Rising Founder
Good for Canada! I love that Canada is including ME/CFS in its big surveys...Such a powerful advocacy tool. Congrats on getting that in there. Wish we in the U.S. could do the same


Chronic fatigue syndrome in Canada 'even worse than we thought': survey

A new survey suggests chronic fatigue syndrome may be far more prevalent in Canada than previously thought, and more widespread than many more well-known conditions.

The suggestion is based on a Statistics Canada survey in which respondents were asked whether their doctor had diagnosed them with chronic fatigue or its more recently introduced name, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). The survey shows some 560,000 Canadians report that they have the disease -- a 36.7 per cent increase over previous results from 2014. The number also suggests the disease may be more common than breast cancer, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis combined.

That's got to make some people think!

Advocates say the results are a call to action for federal and provincial governments, whom they say need to step up their funding for chronic fatigue research.

Neilson also hailed the survey results as an indicator that more doctors are believing patients and diagnosing them with the disease, which causes sufferers to experience profound exhaustion, loss of concentration, muscle pain and unrestful sleep.

"It is even worse than we thought," she said.