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January 2010 - What Have I Done for Research and Advocacy Lately?


Senior Member
It is getting near the end of the month - just a couple of more days to accomplish my monthly resolution objectives for research and advocay (which I still need to define better).

I thought I would share these to see if others have suggestions for the best things to do this weekend, and also to plan for February. I hope to do something in at least 3 or 4 categories each month this year.

MONEY - I made a (small, but it counts) donation to CFS/ME research. I set it up so it is very easy to do in future, automatic login etc.

GOVERNMENT - I sent an email to at least one U.S. official urging action on CFSAC recommendations. (I need to do more in this area.)

MEDIA EDUCATION AND AWARENESS - I haven't done anything on this yet - so I need to get going. Maybe send in a comment on one of the TV shows, or write a local news channel or paper - I saw some suggestions on another thread.

SUPPORT OF ORGANIZATIONS AND WEBSITES - I realized it's important how many people visit and participate in our key websites. I've read and posted more on this site. I plan to register on another site that I have visited a number of times, but am still not registered on. At least then I will count as an active "member" of that site, which will get noted somewhere. I'd rather be logging in to these sites than the CDC websites, which will then submit articles about how valuable its CFS web page is!

RESEARCH STUDIES- (non-monetary). I have contacts iin places that have ongoing studies - some of which particularly need healthy controls. In February I will provide information on those studies to at least one more person or group.

I may come back and provide a link or two later on - but I don't want to lose this message by going off right now.


Patient in training
Wow Annika, this is a fantastic idea and a great thread. You motivate me to pass onto action and start recording my actions.
Thank you!:Sign Good Job:

So I will do my part and promise to write at least 2 letters to support research and at least one to increase awareness. I will also provide some new journal articles to health care providers that come my way.

Let's keep this thread going and let's see results!