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Is this methylation or detox ? Urine changing ?

I have a question for fellow group members here.

I have a job delivering pizzas and in between deliveries I work in the kitchen, it keeps me pretty physically active. When I am at work and I get my body moving and blood pumping when I pee my urine turns darker and has weird see thru little threads in it . While I'm peeing this out I get a chill through my body and a little bit of dizziness and my legs go weak followed by A temporary worsening of motor function issues and twitching. After I do this a few times I noticed my overstimulation issues get much worse . It also seems to be causing some type of histamine reaction or maybe it's just hisyamine being released. Does methylation affect histamine ? I take a regular men's multivitamin everyday and I try to stick to a low histamine , low sugar , no nightshade diet

Is this methylation or detoxification? Or is this a bad thing or a good thing ? This only happens at work and never when I'm home resting . I've attached a video
Can't get video to upload but here is pic


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Forgot to add that when this happens my skin get flushed in face and neck . I think it's def affecting the histamine issues in my body but I notice my social anxiety and body crashing after being in crowded places or social situations is getting much better


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Might it be mucus in the urine? That's a symptom of a UTI. They're usually fairly easy to test for and to clear up – just take a small sample to your GP.
I was tested for all STDs and I'm negative, also negative for UTI. I did contract herpes simplex type one on my penis though. This started way before that though. It's not mucus, I have a video but I'm not sure how to post it .

does anyone else have any info on the interplay between histamine levels and methylation?