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Is there a best VIDEO explaination of CFS/ME? To share w/friends re:for Chase voting

Hi All,
It's 4AM and I must really attempt sleep....but first a request for help:

I've been searching the great wide web for a simple, mostly medical with a touch of human side :)-- Video explanation of CFIDS. I've seen a few but none that are succinct--

I'd like to share a video link when I email to ask my support networks to vote for WPI etc

I've not explained this illness to many before-- and I have a feeling my demographic (I am 30) may prefer watching a 2-5 minute video rather than even reading a paragraph explanation about the illness.

Perhaps I'm being picky--but I feel the less-emotional stuff may be better. And my friends are mostly overly-educated types :) as well as some MDs so they can handle technical stuff.

I'd appreciate one or two of your favorite videos (News clips, or youtube etc) Thanks all! Tomorrow I will use my hour or two of excellent focus to ask folks to vote!