Is it important to go to sleep before midnight?


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Melbourne, Australia
Victoria, what a wonderful message!

It is not only what you say but how--it is all of one piece, and so I feel it...


I cannot tell you how much my life has changed in the last 6 months.

I am so happy having no commitments or stress. Last Blood tests (this week) show my blood sugar is back to the normal (upper end) for the first time in many, many regular tests over the last 4+ years.

My GP puts it all down to NO STRESS.

My cholesterol has improved even more (than the good results last December) - despite a less than optimal diet (now I have limited finances).

My GP puts it all down to NO STRESS.

I finally gave up my last (one & only) cup of black coffee in the morning about 4 weeks ago. I did have one cup of coffee about 10 days ago & I felt like I was awake all night :D.

97% of the time, I sleep really well now. And if I do wake up 1-2 times, I go back to sleep fairly quickly. The only time I sleep really, really badly is:
  • when I stay on the computer too much or late at night. I think writing/reading on the computer is too stimulating for my brain.
  • if I set the alarm to wake up early for some reason. I notice, I never sleep well if I've got something important on my mind, or have to wake up early.
I have a new sleep treatment.........
  • I don't think or care about tomorrow
  • i don't think or care about what anyone says or thinks about me
  • I live for today
  • I feel blessed for every thing I end up doing in the day. If I manage to do several things in one day, that's a blessing, not an expectation.
  • If I wake up tired, I don't get up until I DO feel fully rested - it's actually 2.00pm right now & I just had breakfast & I'm still not dressed :D
  • i don't care what the time is
  • I never get dressed until I want to
  • I try to ensure my bedroom is warm & cosy (means raising the electrictiy bill a wee bit by putting my panel heater on in the bedroom a couple of hours before I go to bed).
  • As long as it's not raining, I leave the bedroom window wide open all day (no matter how cold it is - I'm not in there during the day anyway). The fresh air in the room makes a big difference. I only close the window & warm the room up in the evening
  • I only use the bedroom for sleep & getting dressed - no books, no radio etc. no distractions in the bedroom
I try to always keep my bedroom for the purpose of sleep only. Anything else has to be done in my lounge room.

Everyone finds different ways to get a good, restful night's sleep. It ok to try other people's suggestions, but never feel that because their ideas work for them, that their ideas should work for you.

I truly believe that all the time we spend on our computers & researching our health MAKES FOR A BAD NIGHT'S SLEEP.

I have done a lot of thinking since stopping work.

I think about the meaning of our life & our existence on this earth a lot (in chronic ill health).

Sometimes I wonder if we spend so much time searching for a cure or better health, that it becomes an obsession & we lose sight of the things we could be using our limited energy for (to actually have a life worth living).

My aim these days is to stop searching, & start living.

The harder you try to find something, the more elusive it seems to get. Since I've stopped focussing on trying to improve my health, it's surprising how much my health has improved.

It keeps changing day by day, week by week. :Retro smile:


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I think we need to do what works for us. My sleep schedule is exacting. I find that if I go to bed too early I sleep really lightly and wake constantly during the night. If I go to bed too late I'm kept awake all night by adrenaline. If I lay down and hear/feel the blood pumping in my ears it's too late and there's nothing I can do.

I have to make the sleep window which is between 10:30 and 11:30 and though it's always between that time the window can be as short as 15 or 30 minutes, I just have to be in tune and ready to catch it. And it doesn't matter how much sleep I've had or how early I or late I've gotten up the day or days before or what time I have to get up the next day, it's just set in stone that way. If I'm short on sleep I just make it up by sleeping in when I can.