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Is folate necessary?

Taking 400mg methy-folate makes me anxious and puts me on edge.

Homozygous for MTHFR C677T


Adeno and Hydrox B12 (no effect from methyl-b12)
B-minus from Seeking Health (a mulit B vitamin)
Magnesium ~400 mg/day

I tried:
TMG - made me tired and indifferent
Phosphatidyl choline - tired

Is it bad to supplement B12 and a mulit-B without the inclusion of a folate supplement? Will it throw things off balance?



Senior Member
What brand of folate are you using?
I ask because I do well on Metafolin while I get anxiety from almost all other alternative forms (e.g. Quatrefolic etc...) at the same dosage.

Also, if you just started out you may need to pace yourself and not start at 400mcg but maybe at 1/4th or 1/8th of that and see if you can build your tolerance over time.


Senior Member
There are three forms: Metafolin which is a trademark of Merck, Quatrefolic and Extrafolate by Gnosis.
The only supplement brand that uses Metafolin is Solgar, as far as I know.

While they should all work pretty much the same, people here have reported different effects (and side effects) using difffernt forms. I find the two alternatives stronger but in a strange way and I always end up with too much anxiety. Metafolin never does that. Don't ask me why :)


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Arizona, USA
Being C677 homozygous (as I am) methyl-folate would probably be best, as it doesn't need any conversion steps.
And the conversion step to convert folinic is exactly the one affected by MTHFR C677T. So I'd not waste my time on that. (I am C677T -/- and A1298C +/- - not a very bad set at all, but I could not stay awake to save my life after taking folinic. No telling why - probably something else.)