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Invisible Illness


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
I hope this is okay for me to post.

I'm going to share this video on my FB page today. Maybe if we all did that we could saturate the web with Whitney's story (and by extension, our stories) exponentially.

(I always love that scene at the beginning of Whitney swinging his little sister around in the kitchen. So much love that it really makes the rest of the video/story so heartbreaking.)


Senior Member
It's the first time I've seen this video, Judee. Yes, Whitney is a wonderful human being, how could he not be coming from the kind, loving family he has.

Everyone in that family has lost something precious....and it breaks my heart to see and hear it.

How can anyone think that Ron Davis, Janet Dafoe and the OMF and all associated with it, are not among the finest of human beings and are doing their very best for us. Ron feels the additional pressure of having so many of us rely on him....let's give them all a big rousing hand and yes, spread this far and wide. Lenora (Penelope)