Intracellular Immune Dysfunction In ME/CFS


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It's not a new paper (2008), but it may be of interest to those who feel that immune system dysfunction is a core part of ME, and who like reading technical papers about protein kinase R and elastase, and other things that are way above my level of comprehension. Those who feel that mitochondrial fragmentation is involved might be interested too:

"Consequently, the LMW RNase L fragments are responsible for the uncontrolled degradation of ribosomal and mitochondrial RNA, leading to apoptosis. Apoptosis, in turn, triggers the production of elastase and calpain (14), leading to a vicious circle."

It was a small study (16 patients), but did seem to find some interesting results. Might this be another of those studies where something was found, but never followed up on? :(