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Injectable B12 was left on the dining table


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Southern California
Good question and I don't know the answer. From what I read, the main problem would be exposure to light. It doesn't have to be refrigerated. Why don't you call the pharmacy where you got it and get their opinion?

Just saw Sushi posted at the same time as me -- great minds! :D


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Seattle, WA USA
I will call. I know this was shipped to me wrapped in freezer packs and massive insulation, so I assumed it needed to remain refrigerated.

Thank you both!


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I would also call pharmacy but if you have MCAS and the product was preservative free, I would throw it away to be safe b/c bacteria etc can grow quickly.

When I had B-12 shots (over two years ago) they told me to refrigerate them once opened unless it was a single use vial.