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Informal Survey re: IVIG


Senior Member
Do you have any info or sources or anything I can learn more about the dosing of IVIG? I see you say it's 1000-2000mg/kg vs 400-500mg/kg.

I can't remember how my doctors calculated the exact formula back in 2016 but I know that it was based on my body weight (at that time). IVIG for autoimmunity is a much higher dose than when it is used in immune deficiency.

Also what type of doctor treated you? A neurologist or rheumatologist?

My two doctors who I worked with for IVIG were an internist and an allergist/immunologist. Sadly both of them have now retired. We tried very hard to find a neuromuscular specialist (or any neuro) to help but ultimately did not find one and proceeded without a Neuro.
Bucharest, Romania
Hello everyone,

I am starting to do SubQ IVIG for ME/CFS and MCAS, what premedication are you taking ?

My doctor "left a free hand", meaning to take what we find in studies.

Current Plan is to take this 1 hour before injection:
4mg Dexametazone
10mg Cetirizine
20mg Famotidine

After Injection later in the day:
10mg Cetirizine

Looking forward for your reply's.