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In Memory of Bob: A tribute from his friends


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Sussex, UK
I hope to try to print off the poster/card for Bob's parents next week, so please, if you are intending to write something for them, please do so this week: I'm always happy to help.

Bob's funeral will be on Wednesday 11th April at 2:00 pm GMT (sorry, British Summer Time).

His younger sister is setting up a Just Giving page etc., and one of us will tell you about it when it is ready.
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Thank you to Bob for all of his contributions to our community. The tributes have been beautiful and he was generous to this community until the end. I wish I had personally known him. When you feel defeated in the face of prejudice against this disease, remember people like Bob. The real enemy is this disease, everything else is just an obstacle that can be changed.

Misfit Toy

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I have been on here just as long as Bob and I feel terrible for not knowing who he is. I just know that he sounds like the nicest and kindest and how sad.

It's sad for so many reasons. Because no one should live like this, be treated like the way he was. Many are basically ignored and told they have nothing wrong. We are treated like dirt.

I am so sorry, Bob, but may you be at peace.


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Melbourne , Australia
wow much respect and thanks for all Bob did, I wish his family and friends peace and good memories.
I was an adult care worker in the UK for years before moving back to Australia and my illness timeline is similar to Bob's so I have much sympathy and empathy, wonder if the stresses of the job as well as the exposure to bugs AND the chemicals used to clean up the extra messes that the nature of the home generates.
I felt like my last stint in special schools finished that off after a series of herpes family viruses where there were student carriers for them and I'd just started one on one work with them.

I actually wish I'd known this nice bloke ! he sounds like a seriously solid human being
his contributions *after* getting seriously ill are really really impressive and I hope his loved ones remain sufficiently proud