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In Memory of Bevan Jeffery (beaverfury)


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I read this late last night just as I was going to bed. It feels strange to say how deeply sad and effected I was learning this, as I didn't know him, or never really interacted or chatted with him on here. I didn't even know his real name, but by sharing or reading each other's stories/experiences, we can almost identify with them and feel connected somehow.

When I first got my Lyme results back positive nearly a year ago, his topic Beaver Gets Lymed was one of the first I read and gave me much information. One thing that really struck me was how he put it 'I was not really interested in having Lyme' (paraphrasing) , I thought it was a funny and interesting way of putting it!!! I was naive then, delighted to have some results and knowledge finally what was wrong with me, I soon realised reading his thread that actually ahead of me was not an easy ride nor a simple solution once I now had results.

Last night I read his about page on his blog, and the bit about 'the old me died when I got this illness' , well it left me with tears in my eyes as I logged off to go to sleep. It resonated with me and some things I have been thinking and feeling lately. I may not have known him, but I will miss him and wish I did know him better really.

Rest in Peace Bevan, and condolences to his loved ones, if they happen to read this.

And yes, he was very talented, I really love his almond blossom art piece.


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I'm deeply saddened to read about the passing of Bevan.
I remember reading some of his posts when I first joined PR. He was one of us and his loss is a terrible blow to his family and loved ones as much as to the greater family of sufferers.
My condolences to his family, there's not much more I can say now.
I think I'll listen to some classical music now and think about him and think about the strength we all need to go on.
Absolutely devastating. Just read this now and i can't stop crying. Its such a shock. I didnt know him personally but i feel heartbroken. I always loved reading his posts and loved his humour.

Another family member lost. Gone but never, ever forgotten.

I'm so, deeply sorry it all became too much Bevan. You will be greatly missed by so many people.

RIP Bevan


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Cornwall, UK


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Yes, he was selling them before. I, too, regret that I didn't buy one then or tell him more often how talented he was. I thought there would be more chances.
Thanks for writing this. These have been my thoughts also and I have been mulling over the fact that while we all on PR interact, often daily, about our lives, we don't really get to know each other.

I never knew that Bevan was an artist - or that his artwork was so beautiful and sensitive. I didn't know he was only a little younger than me, or that his art was available to buy online. Wouldn't it be great if we knew more about each other and who we really are? wouldn't it be great if the craftspeople, writers, artists, cake bakers, photographers, lawyers, teachers, and scientists shared more about themselves, about who they really are?

I propose a new sub-forum for members only where people can start to connect on this level and talk about their interests and life experiences; a thread where people can be themselves and not their illness. EMA is right that the time to support each other and be a real community is now, not some unspecified future time.

I know we have the community lounge, but im just throwing this out there as an idea (with no wish to de rail this thread, but if this new sub- forum/thread is a goer then it will be inspired by Bevan's life)