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In honour of tomk - advocate extraordinairre


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Thanks MEG, strawberry, Nina, frenchtulip, ggingues, teejkay & Adam. :thumbsup:
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this thread. :Retro smile:

But I get some support/acknowledgement in Ireland (lots of Christmas cards, etc) ... while there are lots of people who probably don't get the acknowledgement they deserve. :Sign Good Job: And we probably lose valuable people from active work for the cause each year because of it. :(

So let's all spread the love/appreciation.


I'm glad you're enjoying the thread and glad to know that you're getting other acknowledgement as well! You're a hero in my book! :thumbsup:


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Cheers to Tom, Ellen, and other advocates

As an admirer from afar (U.S.), I have to add my appreciation for Tom and his particular style of advocacy. And thanks Tom for mentioning Ellen Goudsmit, whose work I have also appreciated over the years.

There are many wonderful advocates, and many different styles of advocacy. I especially appreciate that Tom is able to bring a cool, calm and collected style to his critiques, tailoring his message to the audience.

So, I'll clink my cup of rooibos tea, mate tea, organic juices, electrolyte drinks, etc. with others in the appreciation club.

And I will try to keep Tom's style in mind in letters to come, particularly in the upcoming May advocacy push.