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Improvement: GABA high dose helps me tolerate more methyl donors


Senior Member
Gaba oral (a lot like 1000 mg) seems to reduce inflammation and increase my capacity to intake methyl donors/methylate!

Doesn't do that much as an anti anxiety drug for me immediately but it seems to help me indirectly by improving serotonin driven anxiety and cognition from the improved methylation.

It also seems to possibly help heal my leaky gut, I noticed I could tolerate eggplant much better.

I've had trouble expanding beyond a small dose of methyl donors wtihout major anxiety and sulfite issues (from r5p or niacin plus b2) or over methylation symptoms (from straight tmg or betaine or creatine)... i think basically inflammation/CBS/probably glycine depletion from years of undermethylation and metabolic issues is at cause there.

Currently also doing gut treatment (herbal under Dr. Jason Hawrelak) to hopefully reduce systemic inflammation- the die off from this has been rough but better than in the past!


Senior Member
This is still true!
I'm pounding those methyl donors.
Is this still working?
Do you think gaba could be a methyl reducer like niacin? I've been trying to figure out what I've done wrong this week which has induced terrible inside restlessness, insomnia and depression. I think I'm extremely undermethylated.