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Improvement from B-vits, but still some issues

I have been "sometimes cured" for a while since figuring out a few things. It's a big improvement, I sometimes go days or weeks without symptoms, from being mainly housebound before.

B1 and B2 seem to be the most important. But also require folate, B12, zinc and copper to work. Sometimes B3. Instead of being hypokalemic as I was when first doing B-vit stuff, I now get low sodium cramps, so I take several grams of salt. (And always B6, or I get depression nearly immediately while on this regimen. But doesn't affect energy)

There is a cycle that goes like:

After some days of physical exertion --> Get PEM, increased need for B1 --> Take more B1 --> This makes me become B2 deficient (Sore throat, mouth ulcers) --> Keep taking my usual 100mg+ of B2 until it stops --> Energy starts up again, but get a kind of wobbly/foggy feeling --> take a bunch of B3 --> Get more low sodium cramps --> Take more salt --> Feel fine again, energy working like normal for a while --> repeat

I am trying to "just take enough of everything" but seems like the cycle still happens.

My doses are (averaged per day):
B1 - 25mg
B2 - 125mg
B3 - 10mg
B6/P5P- 10mg
B9/Folate - 400mcg
B12 - 500mcg
Zinc - 10mg
Copper - 1mg

It seems of interest that I become B2 deficient even though I take so much every day. More and more it seems like I don't absorb enough B2, or can't use it. And I don't know why taking B1 causes B2 deficiency.

Any idea what could be going on here, or other things to try?