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Immunophenotyping/Cells Test Results


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Recent Results attached,
Im 27M
The last month has been the worst for me, my brain fog is extreme and im very fatigued. Ive never felt worse with this illness then i do right now
Yet all these markers that supposingly show Low markers for many with CFS are standard and normal for me.
Is this normal to have these results normal yet feel like dying?!
I remember seeing someone with Long Covid with simular symptoms having Low C3 /C4/C8 numbers claiming its a possible biomarker, yet they are all fine for me:(

Instant MeCFS Post viral onset 2016 (was a whopping cough/pneumonia like unidentified virus)
Mild 2016-2022 (able to work, play golf)
Moderate/Severe 2023 (able to do nothing beside feed myself, loss all muscle, cognitive ability to work properly)


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