I think DIM can stir metals around, unfortunately


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There was one bad story on here, or one guy in a post from a year ago who claimed DIM and even calcium D glucarate are chelators and have sulfur. Well they aren't thiol groups, and there's virtually no information on it in onibasu archives for Cutler. I haven't asked around on facebook.

But I had a reaction to DIM, that was bad. Chris Shade has a hour long video or hour n half on youtube explaining how DIM increases glutathione S transferase in the body through gene expression via Nrf2.

I found one blog by someone online who claims DIM clobbered them too.

I suspect if you have very severe mercury like me, or a history of mercury redistribution damage like me, it can clobber you.

I did not get at least that I can tell psychological issues from this DIM like I often do cilantro, but it made all the nerves in my shoulder, neck, right side of face seize up to the point of numbness, and just about gave me a gallbladder attack.

Cilantro often gives me similar tension headaches in the same spot. I got that exact migraine in that exact right side of the face/head 10 years ago from chelating improperly, to the point of my face going numb at the time intermittently. Well nothing in those 10 years that have passed, has made my face numb, ever, but DIM from one 50 mg dose.


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I made great strides in recovery with a focus on detox principles. Of course, I made many mistakes along the road which was years ago.

Toxins, no doubt play a role in this disease, and we know that detoxification becomes impaired for a number of reasons. But toxin handling becomes an issue as well (the idea of how the body disposes of toxins). I realized that there are two things with detoxification. The first is a provoking agent, which forces toxins to be released such as cilantro. The second is what I called Vacuums which are agents that are able to attach to the toxins for elimination.

Using the first (provoker) with a vacuum is like beating a dusty rug in the house. Yes, you cleaned the rug, but you dirtied the rest of the house since the dust just resettled in the house. Likely what happened to me was the toxins just reposited elsewhere in the body.

I did Ozone therapy (self-treated with medical grade ozone) and learned this lesson distinctly. I used Ozone as a therapy to kill pathogens but learned that ozone is a great liberator of toxins. I started off with small doses and usually within 2 days, I hit the wall. The theory was that the toxins were released but not escorted out of the body.

I began to employ a couple of products that seemed to work since I was no longer experiencing bad fallout. The first was a high-quality chlorella product* and the second was a zeolite spray**. These helped.

*Quality control of chlorella is a concern since it will pick up environmental toxins which defeats the purpose. There are two trusted companies that claim low levels of toxins. Let me know if you want details.

**This is Results RNA zeolite which is a little pricey but goes a long way. I also tried Zeolite powders (should be micronized) which I took internally but also made a bolus which I put under my tongue for systemic absorption. For more intensive concerns, I would use the former. A small bottle is ~$40.