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I am so lost and overwhelmed with methylation, please help. :-{


Seattle, WA
Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to ask more questions (and sorry about the length of this!), but I am mostly bedbound with terrible cognitive abilities and just can't seem to retain info long enough to get a plan together for treatment.

I have my 23andMe results and I have my methylation pathway blood test results. I read Yasko info about the former and Rich VanK's interpretations of the latter until the wee hours of the morning and then I didn't sleep, had nightmares, I feel like I short-circuited my brain and my intestines are in knots.

My interpretation of my results was that Yasko would say: 1) heal the gut, 2) address CBS, 3) address other mutations.

I've been trying to heal my gut for almost two years with, I think, little success. When I looked at CBS, I saw recommendations for restricting animal protein and sulfur. I have been eating a very high-meat/high-fat (and high-sulfur, actually) diet the last 3 months because I was doing AIP + low-histamine. The thought of completely reversing panics me because of the time I've invested in eating this way (research, recipes, shopping).

One of my doctors wants me to start methylB12 and methylfolate. He gave me a compounded liquid, but it has 2mg mfolate per drop, so I guess that is too high to start with (AND I don't know if I SHOULD start with this yet). My other doctor has me on a bunch of vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, phosphatidylserine for high nighttime cortisol and she wants to start glutamine and carnitine. My other doctor wants me to start prednisone, zyrtec, zantac, and try baclofen and valium for sleep. I want to start CoQ10 and D-ribose. ... So, I've frozen in place and have not started anything.

Is there someone on this forum who can look at mutations and methylation pathway test results and give me some guidance? I would be very, very appreciative. My brain is a sieve. Or, is there a website that I can pay to tell me exactly what to take and in what order?

From Genetic Genie:

Methylation Analysis Results
Red +/+ =

Yellow +/- =

Detox Profile Results
Red +/+ =
CYP2C9*2 C430T
CYP2D6 S486T

Yellow +/- =
CYP1A2 164A>C
CYP2D6 100C>T
CYP2D6 2850C>T
NAT2 I114T
NAT2 K268R

Here are the results from that methylation test from Health Diagnostics and Research Institute:

Glutathione (oxidised) 0.30 (0.16-0.50)
Glutathione (reduced) 3.2 (3.8-5.5)
S-Adenosylmethionine 219 (221-256)
S-Adenosylhomocysteine 37.7 (38-49)

Folic Acid derivitives:5-CH3-THF 10.7 (8.4-72.6) (Doctor thought this was low)
10-Formyl-THF 1.8 (1.5-8.2) (Doctor thought this was low)
5-Formyl-THF 1.0 (1.2-11.7)
THF 0.63 (0.6-6.8)
Folic Acid 9.7 (8.9-24.6)
Folinic Acid 7.0 (9-35.5)
Active folate 358 (400-1500)

Adenosine: 20.8 (16.8-21.4)

These are the notes I have taken:
  • supplement with 100-400mcg methylfolate (perhaps Solgar on empty stomach in the morning: can cause over-excitedness and keep you awake), methylB12 (perhaps The Enzymatic Therapy sublingual -take B12 first or at the same time as folate) or hydroxyB12 (2000mcg/day), adenosylB12 for MTRR
  • supplement with potassium (symptoms: achy muscles, racing heart. Take coconut water or perhaps NOW brand potassium gluconate powder) and niacin (niacinamide form, perhaps Thorne's Basic B Complex) while taking mfolate/mB12
  • supplement with lecithin or TMG for BHMTs
  • supplement with calcium deglucarate and cruciferous veg for CYP1B1
  • supplement with B6 for glutathione
  • Low-tyramine diet because of Vad Taq and COMT
  • Low-protein, low-sulfur, low-alpha ketoglutarate, low-glutamate diet because of CBS
  • Avoid MSM, NAC, glutathione, sulfates/sulfites (drugs) because of CBS
  • Avoid epsom salt baths, ALA, glutathione, DMPS, NAC, milk thistle because of CBS
  • supplement with molybdenum (e-lyte 75mcg twice/day), boron (3mg/day), vitamin E succinate (400 iu/day), GABA (500mg/day), manganese, BH4, yucca root, carnitine, charcoal/mag flushes, l-ornithine, EDTA, carnosine, zinc for CBS

  • To repair gut: Diet, prebiotics, butyric acid, slippery elm bark, phospholipids (Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine, Phosphatidylinositol, Phosphatidlyethanolamine).
  • Be cautious of drugs and caffeine because of CYP2D6 and CYP1A2
  • Start low and go slow with drugs because of COMT


Senior Member
Northcoast NSW, Australia
Hi Elizabeth. I can make a few comments. You say you've been doing AIP. What is that? GAPS diet would presumably bee close to what you've been doing. I am on a low sulfur/thiol diet. I eat small amounts of meat at each of my 2 meals, palm-sized amount. Plus bone broth, fat, 1 Tb soaked buckwheat. Because of my histamine and sulfur needs, the only cooked veg I've been eating is zucchini. I juice lettuce, carrot, and mint. And I eat about 3 brazil nuts and small amts of ghee and honey. That's it. I do add sulfur in the form of chlorella, but this is tolerable for me.

Looks like your doc is really throwing a bunch of stuff at you. My sleep radically improved when I added pituitary glandular.

Don't supp w/ cruciferous veg, due to the sulfur.
I've recently learned that COQ10 is also high sulfur. I'm reducing my dose further to 50mg 2x/day.
If you have gut bacteria overgrowth, which most of us in this situation do, prebiotics feed both good and bad bacteria, which Natasha Campbell-McBride of GAPS counsels against. Yucca root is a starch, which is not good for leaky gut. When I used yucca, I used the yucky tasting tincture. Then I discovered ornithine, tasteless amino, and now use that instead. My ammonia/sulfur-reducing supps are: ornithine, butyrate, lysine.For anti-histamine I'm using quercetin, royal jelly, rutin, + Vit C and Calcium. OK, that's all from me. Hope you get some good answers. ahmo
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