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How soon does PEM hit after exertion?

How soon does PEM hit after exertion?

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Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
Cognitive exertion - especially talking/chatting with others...I get a rapid onset loss of energy and am almost in a coma, plus the strep level sore throat from using the voice.

But other PEM mostly seems to come on the next day. Lasts 48 hours typically...

using my eyes to see - like when I tried to paint...(for less than 30 minutes) I crashed the next day every time....

Nord Wolf

The Northman
New England
Physical or cognitive exertion instigates PEM the same day for me. If I overdo something a little, PEM sets in within 3 hours. If I overdo something a bit more than a little, PEM usually sets in within 1 hour. Though I have "rolling PEM", so it never really ends. The marker is if the ongoing symptoms suddenly increase.
However, if I have a night terror or ptsd episode while sleeping (which I always wake up from), PEM typically sets in immediately.