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How I recovered.

A few of you know me. I was on disability due to cfs/me and use to post on a regular basis. For the most part, I have recovered so I thought I would share my experiences in case someone else might be able to benefit.

I began the "Oxford" peptide shots starting in early September of 2013. By November 1st, 2013 I was back at work part time (2 hours/day). January 31, 2014 I was full time (but not full speed). Over the course of a year, I got 12 shots of HS (homeostasis) at $325 a pop. Needless to say it was money well spent. They ran their course but I needed further recovery so I tried GD (geriatric disorder) shots. After about 6 shots, I saw no further improvement with GD so they were discontinued.

Around the time that I was discontinuing the GD shots, I started on the rotary diversified diet of Theron Randolph. I saw big improvements too with the diet. I began feeling even better almost immediately. Within a few months, I was off of atenolol and after about a year I no longer needed to take clonazepam. The diet is not for everyone. You have to be pretty desperate to stick with it. But I had (have) plenty of motivation. I never want to go back to that horrible place I was stuck in. I literally would rather die than go back. Besides, the standard American diet is really not good for you. Just look around.

Although the peptide shots and the diet have helped me the most, they were not the only things such as:
Vitamin D for dizziness
LDN for pain and burning in my shins
remeron for sleep
Gupta ART for stopping negative thoughts and bolstering my confidence to return to work
removal of laminate flooring in my house for generally feeling better

How's life now? Other than being tormented by a husband and wife team at work who didn't want me to come back, it is so much better. In fact, I went on a business trip to India last month. I'm not 100% yet, but 99% for sure. I am still trying to tweak things by 23andme and nutrition. Or maybe I am just getting old now?

My hope is that someone gets something out of my story. Of course,what worked for me may not work for others. My advice is to try the rotary diversified diet first. Second, if that doesn't get you to full recovery and you can afford it, I would try the "Oxford" peptide shots. The most you have to lose is about $1000. If you don't experience any improvement after three shots, they aren't going to work for you and you should stop anyway.

Some are skeptical of the peptide shots since there is not much known about them. Here's what I little know about them:
They were developed at Oxford University. The Oxford Research group has treated over 80,000 patients.
Your body naturally produces peptides. It is how your body communicates with itself. Something happens to your body (such as infection or overexertion) so that your body no longer produces the correct peptides. The therapy works by reintroducing the correct peptides. Your immune system has a memory so that over time with reintroduction of the correct peptides your body begins producing them on its own.
There are only about 20 medical doctors in the US that have been trained in their use.
The shots are not FDA approved.
The doctors administering them have to refer to them as "amino acid solution injections". If they call them peptides, they can be shut down by the FDA hence the reluctance to advertise other than by word of mouth.
You can wait about 15 years for Big Pharma to come out with their own peptide shots, but you will lose a lot of time waiting and pay a lot more in the end.
There are peptides available for many different conditions besides cfs/me such as autism (treatment not a cure), hypothyroidism, Sjogrens, and allergies. Apparently they are developing a peptide shot for high cholesterol. After I finished with the GD shots, I took the TY (thyroid) series of shots. I no longer take levothyroxine.
My doctor is a D.O. who has a very busy family practice and doesn't need peptides to keep him in business. He's just extremely bright and wants to help people who can benefit from the therapy.
What do peptide shots help with?
hi, what is the homeostasis peptide?? is it mots-c? could you please share any more specific info about the oxford peptide shots?
thank you!
Depends which one you use, they are some for allergies, homeostasis ( the one he used and I) there geritatric one ( he also did
Some of this)....
Hi Seven,
could you let me know what the homeostasis peptide shots were? Or the geriatric? the compounding lab is backordered on MOTS-c and I have got to get better <3 thank you!!